Playing catch up

Before I start feeling inexplicably guilty for not writing anything non-work related forever, let me start by saying hello. How’ve you been? I hope that those of you who do ocassionally find themselves here haven’t missed me too much – in fact I’m pretty sure that the majority of you follow

My Talented Friends : Toni Hawkes

As well as sharing her name with a pro-skater, Toni Hawkes is an illustrator, fellow baking fanatic, and brilliant display artist. We met six years ago through then-boyfriends, banding together over mutual interests and our sense of humour. The boyfriends didn’t last, but our friendship did. Toni has worked in


When I first told my friends and family back home that I was moving to London and would be living a stones throw away from Brixton, responses were mixed. The question I perhaps met most frequently was “But doesn’t Brixton have a bad reputation?” You might think that this is

Borough Market

After the Indian summer faded and the wind began to set in, last weekend felt truly autumnal – Saturday evening was almost bitterly cold. Over the weekend, we decided to head to Borough Market. This is my favourite time of year to fall in love with food; the deep colours of the