When I first told my friends and family back home that I was moving to London and would be living a stones throw away from Brixton, responses were mixed. The question I perhaps met most frequently was “But doesn’t Brixton have a bad reputation?”

You might think that this is a fairly generic view from someone living outside of London, however, any Londoner I’ve met who lives North of the river seems to share the same antiquated point of view.

I loved Brixton from the first time I stepped out of the station. It has gumption, it’s diverse, it’s warm and welcoming. The market is a fascinating example of what happens when cultures mesh – the food, the languages, even the fashion; it’s always growing, always evolving. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more ‘hip’  – there’s a notable influx in trendy eateries and trendier cliental. If you’ve never been to Electric Avenue before, I recommend you go now while it’s still holding onto it’s roots…

Brixton Market
Places to eat in Brixton
London market

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