Changing Faces

Who knew my little sister was such a talented body painter and moustache maker? Here’s a sneak preview of some of the work my sister Jessica has done for her upcoming exhibition. I sat for a couple of hours in the chair for her on two occasions – once whilst she

My Talented Friends: Rick Nunn

Rick Nunn admits that he’s “generally antisocial, but catch me on the right day and I might try and be nice to you”. Bumping into him on one of those particularly good evenings, Rick and I traded a few insults and struck up a friendship based on cats, good movies

My Talented Friends : Toni Hawkes

As well as sharing her name with a pro-skater, Toni Hawkes is an illustrator, fellow baking fanatic, and brilliant display artist. We met six years ago through then-boyfriends, banding together over mutual interests and our sense of humour. The boyfriends didn’t last, but our friendship did. Toni has worked in


When I first told my friends and family back home that I was moving to London and would be living a stones throw away from Brixton, responses were mixed. The question I perhaps met most frequently was “But doesn’t Brixton have a bad reputation?” You might think that this is