28 before 28

In previous years, I’ve written ‘Life Lists’ as opposed to resolutions in preparation for the year ahead – writing down things I’d like to achieve every day, every week, in 6 months time and by the end of the year. From small things like improving my eating habits, to bigger moments like moving to London, this method worked for me because it always focused on what I wanted to accomplish; I never denied myself of anything and I never pressured myself into completing it.

For 2014 I thought I’d change the game up and challenge myself to a 28 before 28 list – a list that will hopefully make my life that little bit shinier and maybe even improve the lives of those around me. Do we share any goals this year? Let me know in the comments!

1. Discover a handful of new favourite restaurants
2. Travel somewhere new
3. Get another tattoo
4. Take advantage of the theatre on my doorstep
5. Visit my home girl in Lisbon
6. Ride horses
7. Go to more gigs
8. Make a scrapbook
9. Balance a healthy mind
10. Learn to knit
11. Learn how to make the perfect chicken gyoza
12. Sleep somewhere magical
13. Take a dance class
14. Make a genuine start on my savings
15. Bake more
16. Volunteer
17. Take a road trip to Scotland
18. Develop a skin routine (and stick to it!)
19. Spend more time with my family
20. Write, write, write
21. Enter more competitions
22. Cook something new
23. Host a dinner party
24. Explore London
25. Perform more random acts of kindness
26. Do the clear out to end all clear outs
27. Be inspired by Pinterest and actually craft more IRL
28. Spend less, wear more