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Curvy Kate: Daisy Chain & Starlet Petrol review

For ladies who’re blessed with a fuller bust, Curvy Kate is like all your Christmases and Birthday’s rolled into one. Ok, so sometimes having more-than-a-handful feels more like a curse than a blessing (especially when it comes to shopping for lingerie) but once in a blue moon you’ll come across a brand that just gets it. Offering a collection of D – K cup lingerie, Curvy Kate’s whole ethos revolves around making curvy girls feel good about their figure as well as providing those who need a little extra support and lift with beautiful underwear that fits AND flatters.

Back in July I was lucky enough to be invited to Curvy Kate’s blogger event – thanks to the lovely Gemma – to view the AW13 collection and play bra bingo with some gorgeous half naked women (read more about the event and see the photos here) where I also won a competition and a lingerie set from the new collection! I opted for the Daisy Chain after seeing Star In A Bra winner Lotte Williams wearing it on the catwalk – isn’t it lovely?

Curvy Kate Daisy Chain bra

This pretty plunge bra is supportive without feeling constrictive, and although it’s quite saucy in style (hello sheer top) it makes a great every day bra too. The daisy cut out embroidery is cute without being My-Little-Pony-cute, and thanks to the adjustable straps/laminated lower cups combination, you’ll get plenty of projection. My top draw is a no thong zone thank you very much, so I chose the matching briefs, which are true to size and feature a nice ample band at the side. Whilst I’m not quite ready to share my body with the Internet, I did flash the beautiful George of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust fame my Daisy Chain clad boobs over Twitter…

After falling in love with the Daisy Chain, I was thrilled to be given the chance to try a second set from the AW13 collection, the Starlet Petrol, which my bra obsessed friend Becky refers to as ‘the mermaid rack’. I LOVE the dual colour way, the star drop details and the diamond overlay on the moulded cups, which appears on the front panel of the briefs too. The Starlet gives a more rounded shape than the Daisy Chain (making it a great alternative to a boring t-shirt bra) and the briefs are super soft – if you’re a fan of high waisted underwear, then trust me: you need these in your life! Of the two, I think the Starlet is my favourite – which do you prefer?

Curvy Kate Starlet in Petrol bra
Curvy Kate Starlet Petrol set

Stand Up Tall: Jeans

Jeans are a bitch to buy whatever your size or height, but when your inside leg hits the 36 inch mark, the task of finding that perfect pair become almost impossible!

Topshop has always been my personal saviour when it comes to jeans. By the time I was 13 years old I had already hit the 6’1 mark, and back then, very few retailers on the high street had a dedicated tall section – let alone one that was on trend and reasonably priced. Even when I went from a slim size 10 to a curvy size 14, I still felt I could rely on Topshop and when I started working for the brand ten years later, I made sure I purchased at least one pair of jeans with my uniform allowance. The Jamie high waisted skinny fit has always been my favourite (I wore my last pair to death until I ripped a hole in the crotch) but over the last year I haven’t been able to find a good pair, thanks in large part to Topshop turning almost every pair of Jamie’s into ankle grazers *sulk*.

Topshop Tall Jaime jeans

Topshop Tall Leigh jeans

After battling for a while, I gave in and decided to try the super skinny Leigh fit. I have a couple of jeans in this style, and whilst I like the multitude of colour options, they aren’t as relaxed (or forgiving) as the Jamie’s, the soft material isn’t as durable, and I often find that the side seams twist when I’m wearing them. Does anyone else have this problem?! Surely it can’t just be me…

I’m on the hunt for a new pair, so any recommendations would be great! I’m going to attempt to force myself out of my Topshop addiction and try a couple of styles from the New Look, Next and Dorothy Perkins tall sections too – wish me luck!

Book Corner: The Bell Jar, Little Bird, The Lovely Bones

Following the arduous task of writing my dissertation and finishing University this year, I was looking forward to nothing more than curling up with a good book or two (or three, or four…)

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Look, I KNOW. The Bell Jar is a classic, and I should have read it sooner. If you even know me slightly you’d be mistaken for thinking that I had. I’m the first to admit that I can be a little awkward, and in a lot of ways, I related to Ester. Upon this revelation, I had to physically put the book down on numerous occassions. Plath captures the intricate details of a changing mind brilliantly. Her ability to portray Ester’s continuous demise as well as her re-entrance into ‘society’ is the nearest thing to the truth I have ever read surrounding the issue of mental institutions. It doesn’t preach or poach. It is as honest as a semi-autobiographical novel can be without pushing the reader over the line.

Little Bird by Camilla Way
My housemate hounded me for several weeks before I got around to reading Little Bird. The story, told from several points of character view, follows the life of a kidnapped feral girl. With relationship twists, suicide, death and prostitution thrown in the mix, you’d be forgiven if your initial thought was “this all sounds a little far fetched.” Give it a chance. The writing is snappy and the story will keep you hooked from feral child to grown woman.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
After hours of browsing bookstores, I would inevitably walk past this novel and wonder when I was going to find time to read it. After being on my personal list of “things I have to read” for quite a while (as well as being on other, less important lists like “best sellers”) I decided it had to be read now; not least of all because I had heard rumour of an adaptation. Sebold creates a family and community to immerse yourself in and covers tragedy in such a beautiful and detailed way. Anybody who loved The Time Traveler’s Wife is bound to enjoy it.