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Amy the Intern

As well as slaving away at my regular job, I recently spent two weeks working with Aigua Media and it’s fair to say, I loved every second of it!

I’ve been asked by a few friends to write more “what I’m wearing” posts, so I thought I would kick start it by sharing with you what I wore for my internship. Job interviews, internships and volunteering positions are notoriously difficult to dress for – most of us always feel under or overdressed, no matter how much research we’ve done. So what DO you wear on that all important first day?

What to wear to an internship

I chose dark grey jeans as apposed to trousers as even in my mid twenties, black trousers have the ability to make me feel as though I’m back at school. The salmon oversized shirt has rolled sleeves, giving it more of a relaxed look, and I layered with a chic coat from Paris, accessorising with a satchel big enough for my laptop and my lunch. Finally, I opted for comfortable flat shoes as I knew I’d be doing a lot of running backwards and forwards – why suffer in heels? I suppose it also helps that I’m 6’1 and don’t need the additional height…

All in all, a logical outfit consisting of a few basic yet fashionable favourites and comfortable classics.

What are you wearing?

Whether you’re a fashion blogger, constant shopper or just plain curious, everyone likes to have an insight into other peoples wardrobes. How many times have you had a panicked phone call from a friend before an event asking, “Are you wearing heels or flats? Are you taking a coat? How big is the bag you have?” Even the majority of the men I know are open to the idea of questioning what others will be wearing to an event.

For the extreme bloggers there’s Lookbook, where the fashionably hip youth can ‘hype’ outfits and leave comments with too much slang and not enough grammar. Some choose to go their own route on Flickr and extend an invitation to their wardrobe in the form of a project. For those who prefer an illustrated view, there’s Gemma Correll’s group here where anyone and everyone can draw outfits and inspiration. Gemma’s idea became so popular that she is currently picking the cream of the crop and making a book out of it!

Then there’s me. Forever looking awkward and like I shouldn’t be working in the fashion industry…

Topshop outfit