Frugal February: How To… Entertain on a budget

If you’re taking part in Frugal February, I think it’s important not to spend all of your evenings and weekends wishing you hadn’t. Just because you can’t go to some ‘fabulous’ party that your friend is throwing – “the drinks are only £6 each darling and the music is so on trend and that cute boy you like will be there and everyone else you’ve ever met will be there and it’ll be the best night you’ve had in aaaaaaaaages” – does NOT mean you can’t have a good night. What ever happened to making your own fun? Invite your friends over and get creative! After all, it’s far too cold to go outside…

Gilmore Girls

Bring and Bake
Rather than going out and spending your money on over priced coffee and cupcakes, ask all of your friends to bake something, raid the tea cupboard, and have a good old fashioned catch up over a variety of yummy treats! Chances are there will be a few left overs to pop in your lunch box too…

You can find my cheap and cheerful recipe for fairy cakes here!

Dinner and a movie aka date night
No, I’m not talking about splurging on take out and sticking a movie on whilst you’re in bed, falling asleep half way through and waking up at 3am with your glasses sticking into your face. Put him to work in the kitchen whilst you freshen up. Sit down to dinner, light a few candles, have a conversation – make a little effort! Afterwards, get some popcorn in the microwave and watch a movie neither of you has seen before (or pick one each if you fancy staying up late). My point is, even if you can’t afford a fancy restaurant, you can still make time for each other.

The girls
Grab your closest girls and have a night in. Who wants to be out in this weather, shivering to death in painful heels, spending money on cocktails that will only leave you with a headache in the morning? All you need for a great night is a couple of films, one large bar of chocolate, a range of nail varnishes and a cheap bottle of wine.

The boys
Now, boys night for me isn’t that dis-similar to my girls night. Swap the nail varnish for video games and the wine for cider and black – the banter and jokes won’t be far behind!

Jumble sale
Sort out your wardrobe and have a night of listing on ebay – you might make more than you’d think. Bag up anything you can’t sell for the charity shops, or go one step further and invite your frugal friends over for a swap shop (you could even combine this with your bake off and make a real night of it).

Not taking part in Frugal Feb? Head over to ebay and buy my stuff!

Make & do
Do something different and start a craft project. You could make a card for someone special, teach yourself origami, or just write a letter to a friend. If you’re already a crafty person and fancy throwing yourself into a bigger venture, then take a look at A Beautiful Mess for some beautiful and unique ideas.

I love Sundays
Get everyone involved and host your own roast! Divide the responsibilities between the group (one person brings the potatoes, another the vegetables/dessert/wine etc) and enjoy the end of your week in style.

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  1. brightonthehome
    February 27, 2012 at 10:06 am

    Some great money saving ideas, I feel all inspired to organise a boys night for tonight now 🙂 I wanted to take part in Frugal February but knew I had house stuff happening, maybe later in the year… Money saving May?


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