True Blood Halloween

Being a bit of a fang banger, I decided to go as a dead Merlottes girl this year (if you haven’t seen True Blood then the references I just made are pretty null and void – sorry!)

My outfit was fairly easy to make – to start, I used a cheap plain white t-shirt which I customised with an iron-on Merlottes Bar & Grill logo and added some mud and fake blood to give the dead waitress outfit a more authentic look. The black shorts came from my wardrobe and the apron began life as a piece of dark green material which I passed over to my friend Elizabeth who did the most fantastic job on her sewing machine! I purchased a waiting tray for £2 in a local shop, got myself a bottle of ‘O Negative’ from Forbidden Planet and wore a pair of white trainers.

True Blood waitress costume

For the injuries, I gave myself a black eye, bruised the opposite cheek bone and busted my lip as well as some bloody knees from falling and bruised knuckles from fighting back. My vampire bites were achieved by creating two small glue circles with a cotton bud, adding a little fake blood and some purple eyeshadow around the outside.

Bruise makeup

I also made my own Trick or Treat banners with some colourful card, string and a lot of patience as well as some zombie land biscuits for the ghoulish guests!

Halloween banners
zombie land biscuits

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