140 Characters

Last night Charlie and I attended an event focusing on Twitter at Paramount – the restaurant, bar and event space housed in the top three floors of London’s Centre Point. The evening, aptly named Twight Night was described as ‘a panel discussion with Twitter as the font from which the chat will flow’ and follows the opening of photographer Chris Floyd’s latest exhibition, 140 Characters at Host Gallery.

The idea sparked from a realisation – Chris hadn’t seen or spoken to any of his “best half a dozen real and actual friends” for over a month. Inspired by his more consistent interaction with photographers, editors and other creatives, the 140 portraits are of people he follows on Twitter. His work includes some notable twitterati, with the likes of the notoriously honest Lily Allen and feminist Caitlin Moran getting involved.

Caitlin Moran and Alexis Petridis
Alexis and Caitlin by Chris Floyd

It was a great way to spend my usually empty Monday evening – actually socialising with those I follow on Twitter as apposed to reading about it all later on that evening. The room was alight with candles and phone screens as tweeters from all over the country took to their seats to enjoy an hour of debate and Q&A. The panel included What I Wore Today founder Poppy Dinsey and Guardian favourites; the very funny Alexis Petridis and charmingly sarcastic Grace Dent. Caitlin Moran was there to heckle, and admits that in her first year on Twitter she “spent 70% of the time clubbing together with @gracedent to pick on @alexispetridis”

After discussing the reasons they joined Twitter, arguing over what it would take for them to leave, and if they had ever dated anyone they followed (cue at least 1/4 of the room shifting in their chairs) we drank more wine, mused over the evenings hashtags and revelations, ate some tasty hot dogs and bid farewell to some lovely people…yes I met her, and she is bloody lovely!

Caitlin Moran

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