Three Weeks In Three Minutes

We began our journey in Florida, home of oranges and incredible heat waves. The start of our adventure highlighted my childlike feelings – getting lost in JFK airport, feeling vulnerable on a plane and screaming on roller coasters. We attended a strangers wedding on our first day, witnessed heat lightning jumping across the sky, and ate in a 50’s themed restaurant at DisneyLand.

Harry Potter World, Florida
DisneyLand 50s diner

From Orlando we drove 280 miles to Savannah. It’s a beautiful place – quaint, with a lot of thrift stores to supply the SCAD students with a heavy dose of vintage clothing. We ate our weight in sushi, spent an evening in the hot tub and another on the water front drinking frozen daiquiris.

Savannah, Georgia

After another 280 miles or so, we arrived in Atlanta, where we were greeted by a lovely couple who had never met anyone from England before! We spent a very full weekend visiting an art gallery, the aquarium, CNN, World of Coca Cola, the largest drive through in the world, and the Atlanta zoo.

Atlanta roads
Atlanta aquarium

A short drive and 87 miles later, we spent time in the North Georgia mountains at an amazing house in the middle of Blairesville. Imagine breath taking beauty in the day and a typical horror movie set by night. We attended a class at Young Harris College, went to a tasting at the local winery and drank moonshine out of a jar on the porch of our friends place. Talk about Southern hospitality.

North Georgia
Georgia mountains

One 2 hour drive followed by a 2 hour flight and a half hour limo ride later, we arrived at our hotel on Time Square, New York for a whistle-stop tour of the city. We ate pizza slices the size of our heads (it had to be done) explored the library, saw Pricilla Queen of the Desert on Broadway, and witnessed the weekend anniversary of 9/11.

Time Square, New York
New York library

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