Packing (like a girl)

Having never been on a *real* road trip before, I was afraid that I would succumb to the pitfall of overpacking like I usually do. Although I am a far cry from wanting to pack the kitchen sink or the cat, I will admit to being excessive when it comes to ‘just incase’ outfits and compulsive last minute additions. Sensibility is key when it comes to long haul travel, and questioning everything you pack can be helpful. The one thing I’ve constantly asked myself this weekend is:

“Do I really need to take that?”

If you’re unsure of how to pack for a long trip, or you’re struggling to condense your suitcase, here are some tips and ideas to keep your luggage light:

  • I’ve packed one pair of heels and if it wasn’t for our last stop in New York, they wouldn’t even be leaving the country. Do you HONESTLY need to take more than one pair?
  • Although I love stand alone pieces, I tend to buy the same things in a multitude of colours. Why not? If you like that little white top and you know you’ll wear it to death whilst you’re away, then buy it in the black too – especially if it will work with more than one skirt.
  • Mix and Match. This, above all things, is the idea I’ve embraced the most for this trip. Being much more visually stimulated, I started by laying out my bottom halves on the bed and then pulled everything out of the wardrobe that I thought I wanted to take. Doing this (and being honest with yourself whilst doing this) is a sure fire way to cut items out, and, if it goes with both pairs of shorts, you’re guaranteed to wear it more than once.
  • Make a list of what you’re taking as you pack. It’s an easy way to track exactly how much you’re putting in your case and it’ll make you question your choices. Do you really need 10 vests in the same colour? Having said that…
  • …don’t worry if everything you want to take is of a similar colour way. If anything, this makes mixing and matching a lot easier!

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