“Once upon a time there was a girl named Amy who loved to read.”

I buy a lot of books from places like Amazon and Waterstones. I enjoy browsing the aisles for hours, even if the staff are in uniform and the lights are a little too bright. But nothing compares to finding an independent where you have to watch your step for books. Where you have to squeeze around the shelves, catching dust jackets with your skirt. Where you’ll find inscriptions in all sorts of books, to friends and family, for birthdays, or just as gifts. Where you can ask the owner a question and he’ll know EXACTLY where that particular edition of a certain novel is, without searching a database. I love exploring, discovering hidden corners, seeing books of all ages piled against one another in absolutely no orderly fashion.

I delight in finding beautiful copies of the classics but I also have a soft spots for children’s books (if anyone finds an early addition of Peter Pan, let me know) Here are some of my most recent finds…

Vintage books
From top to bottom: Love Letters of a Violinist, The Greek Myths, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass, Alice’s Adventures Underground, Black Beauty, Peter Pan, The Myths of Greece and Rome.

Vintage Alice In Wonderland book
Vintage Alice in Wonderland
Vintage Black Beauty book
Greek Myths book

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