A Resolution…

Upon revealing to friends at work that I despise new years resolutions, I have to admit that I received a few glares. Why do so many of us make these ridiculous of-the-moment promises to ourselves? The whole notion of doing something simply because time has passed just seems a little…distorted.

I came across Kathryn Sharman on the Oh Comely blog and whole heartedly agree that “they [resolutions] always seem to involve unrealistic dreams and/or punitive measures of denial or restraint, which is never a good way to start a year and is invariably doomed to failure.” Instead, she advocates a ‘Life List’ which revolves around “bite-sized declaration of aspirations and accomplishments” for the year ahead. Being the type of girl who jumps at the chance to write a list, here are my personal goals for 2011.

Every day, I would like to…
Make someone smile
Improve my eating habits

Every week, I would like to…
Do something creative – take a photo/draw a cat/write a review
Make time to see a friend
Discover something new about myself
Go for a walk

In 6 months time I would like to…
Be living in South London
Own an SLR
Be able to make the best cupcakes
Have a more extensive book shelf

Before next year, I would like to have…
Paid off my overdraft
Been to see the ballet
Passed my driving test
Achieved something I am proud of
Travelled to America

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  1. Rick Nunn
    January 7, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    I am on hand to test any and all cupcakes that get made… oh and help you pick the right dSLR 🙂


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