Shooting my first wedding

Yesterday, I took some photographs at my friends Mothers wedding. She knew I was a little nervous – having never shot a wedding before – so I thought it best not to let on that I was PETRIFIED. Capturing images that sum up one of the most important days in someone’s life is a huge responsibility. What if everything that could go wrong, does go wrong? What if the lighting is awful? What if all the children cry constantly? What if I trip and fall down the aisle, ripping the brides dress and smashing the camera into a thousand pieces?

Feeling more than a little sick, I made sure that my shot list was perfect and prepared well in advance. “65 essential wedding pictures” (and specific photos the couple wanted of certain familymembers/guests together) later, I felt a lot calmer and after what seemed like an eternal morning, the day flew by. We couldn’t of wished for better weather, the grounds were stunning and the bride looked beautiful. Congratulations again Lesley and Pete, and thanks for putting your faith in me!

Wedding rings

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