You never forget your first Doctor

My heart didn’t always skip four beats at the sound of a TARDIS. That was until a friend introduced me to the new series, and more specifically, the Tenth Doctor.

Mr David Tennant.

Tonight marked part two of Tennant’s final episode playing the infamous timelord after guiding the TARDIS across the universe for 4 and half years. Over the past year I’ve gradually worked my way through each episode and consequently fallen in love with a skinny, converse clad, rude (and not ginger) dual hearted Timelord. Yes, I have endured all of the usual sufferings. I watched teary eyed as the Doctor said goodbye to Rose. I came to terms with the fact that Martha was always going to be a little bit by comparison. I expressed horror after hearing Catherine Tate was to join the franchise, only to swallow my words 10 minutes into her first episode. Finally, I waited with baited breath for the last handful of Doctor Who specials; and I was not left disappointed this evening.

Russell T Davies and his brilliant production team have somehow managed to turn me into an even bigger geek whilst Tennant has somehow managed to turn me into a jibbering fan girl. The final episode, ‘The End Of Time’ showcased outstanding and emotional performances from David Tennant, John Simms and the entire cast. I’m so glad that Tennant was my first doctor – here’s to the next (re)generation!


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